A burglar who was stopped by police 30 minutes after stealing a car has been jailed.

Harry Adams, 21, will spend 18 months behind bars after admitting stealing a Peugeot 308 from outside a house in Bedford Close, Braintree.

The owners had been woken by their dog barking and heard screeching tyres outside.

They looked out to find their car had been stolen.

Adams had got into the house through the front door and taken a handbag containing car keys and a purse from inside the porch.

He was travelling along the A12 at Brentwood in the stolen vehicle when he was stopped by police - just 30 minutes after they were informed of the burglary.

Adams, of Fernhill Street, Woolwich, was arrested and charged soon after.

He admitted burglary and theft of a motor vehicle when he appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court last Monday (July 20).

He was ordered to pay a £156 victim surcharge on top of the his jail sentence.

Adams was also banned from driving for two years and three months.

Speaking after the sentencing, the victim and owner of the Peugeot said: "This incident has been devastating and had a huge impact on my whole family.

“I am glad that the person involved has been charged now as it has put my mind at rest.

“I have to give credit to Essex Police for finding my car so quickly – we are so lucky to have gotten the vehicle back.

“The officers were brilliant and it was fantastic for us.”