CHILDREN in Sible Hedingham have been brought together to take their minds of the current pandemic with a weird and wonderful art project.

Youngsters from across the village have fallen in love with its newest resident – Stevie the Community Snake.

The snake is a ever growing attraction and is made of painted rocks.

His head was first placed by creator Julie Pavitt Hodgkins on the village’s river walk from Alderford Mill to Station Road in Sible Hedingham..

Children are invited to paint smooth rocks which they can add to Stevie’s growing body.

In her initial Facebook post to promote the game, Julie said: “Hi everyone, this is Stevie the Community Snake!

“He will be getting into position down on the river walk, behind the Co-op, around lunchtime tomorrow, where hopefully he will settle and grow really long with all your beautiful painted rocks!

“Stevie would really love you to bring your rocks to add to his body. Let’s see how long we can make him grow.”

After starting last week, the stone snake has got longer day by day as more and more children take part in the game, which helps keep them occupied during the coronavirus lockdown.

Julie added: “I initially got the idea from a Facebook page called ‘Bishop Stortford Rocks’ and thought it a lovely idea for our local children.”

Julie moved to the village 12 years ago with her husband three children after living in Spain for two years.

“Over the last couple of days Stevie snake has grown,” she said.

“It warms to heart to see children getting so much joy out of painting and adding their rocks to the snake.

“It’s also safe in these current uncertain times as the rocks are just being looked at and not picked up and taken home.”