PLANS are in place to repair a historic church wall after a driver crashed in to it last month.

The St Andrew's church in Halstead was left appalled last month after a wall as old as the church was badly damaged by a heavy duty vehicle.

Residents were left disgusted after it was revealed the driver of the unknown vehicle neglected to stop, simply driving away.

Resident's and staff at the church awoke the next morning to find the wall to the church grounds was wrecked.

Although it is unknown what vehicle damaged the wall on Colchester Road, it is suspected that it was likely a trailer behind a lorry which swung in to the wall.

Traces of red paint could be seen scrapped in to the stonework.

Fortunately for residents, the wall's foundations where not moved or damaged during the incident.

As result, the wall can be repaired and plans are in place to see the work carried out.

Halstead Town Council, who were furious with the situation when it happened in April, have said they are committed to seeing the wall restored.

Tenders were put out to numerous contractors to and during the council's town council meeting on Monday, a decision was made on how to proceed.

A spokesman for the council said: “In April 2020, an unknown vehicle dislodged part of the wall round St Andrews churchyard on Colchester road.

"The driver did not stop, but some red paint was left on the wall.

"It is suspected that it was a trailer behind a lorry which swung into the wall.

"Although the churchyard belongs to the church, it was closed many years ago, as there was no longer room for any further burials.

"When this happens, the responsibility for the churchyard then falls to the local council, and Halstead Town Council has had to make preparations to have the wall repaired.

"Fortunately, the damage to the wall has not moved the foundations, and three quotes have been obtained from local builders for the work to be done.

"At its meeting on Monday 18 May, the council chose one of these builders to do the repairs, and it is hoped that the work will be done relatively soon, and can be done from the churchyard itself, to avoid disruption to the traffic, which is becoming busier by the day."