A HALSTEAD mum is offering residents the chance to keep fit and healthy during the lockdown without even leaving the house.

Jade Gooding, 34, of Toldish Hall Road in Great Maplestead is hoping to improve people's spirits during the coronavirus pandemic with her free Pilates and Yoga instructional videos.

The mother of two, who works as a dance and fitness instructor at the Essex Golf and Country Club in Earls Colne, has started a YouTube channel where people can tune it at no cost to keep fit.

Jade started her channel back in January to help her students but has since devoted her time to upload regular quick workouts to help residents during the lockdown.

Jade said: "I originally started it for my students at the country club so they could do the occasional practice at home.

"I was uploading maybe one video a week but recently I've been getting a lot of people messaging me about getting injured and bad backs because they aren't moving as much due to the lockdown.

"The videos aren't long, maybe only 15 minutes, but I'm starting to upload more and more.

"They are easier than having to explain to everyone what to do and I've found more people are using them.

"I've been teaching in the area for years so I'm more of a friendly face.

"Sure there are a lot of teaching and fitness videos out there but I think local people are more in to it and comfortable when they know you and they see a familiar face.

"I'm really passionate about fitness and it's important for people to be doing something.

"Started off in in January and had about 100 subscribers but that has grown to more than 600.

"I'm getting a lot of local people tuning in and a lot of mums too which I can relate to.

"So far I've had a lot of positive feedback and I'm getting contact by people saying thank you and ho I'm helping them get through the day.

"I'm also occasionally doing Instagram live streams such as the one I did on Friday last week.

"The lockdown has caused a lot of stress and anxiety and Pilates and Yogo really do help keep your mind fit too."

While being in the fitness industry for more than 14 years, Jade became interested in Pilates after it helped her recover from a horror injury to her knees.

She added: "I had an accident about seven years ago and i tore the crucial ligaments in each of my knees.

"After surgery I started doing Pilates and now I can say that I'm stronger than ever before.

"I keep it simple because for some people they just want to stretch, they're not there to know about what specific muscle they're strengthening.

"They're only 15 minutes too because I understand that people have got kids or still have to work and don't have an hour to spend everyday.

"People don't have a lot of money at the moment and I really just want to help people."

To see Jade's routines, you can visit youtube.com/channel/UC4rRkJnJL8bUFaYJWqRhRew.