TWO young sisters have come together to raise more than £2,500 by singing to support the NHS after it saved their mother’s life.

Indiana Ashworth, aged nine, and Maggie, six, from Halstead, have raised a whopping £2,595 for the NHS after posting videos of themselves singing online.

The girls, who are pupils at Holy Trinity School, love the performing arts but have been in isolation since before the Government issued the formal lockdown.

Mum Shelly, 39, is one of the UK’s 1.5 million people who are “extremely vulnerable” to the coronavirus. She survived a life-saving emergency liver transplant 16 years ago and needs to be completely shielded from the coronavirus and is unable to leave the house.

To keep Shelly protected, husband, Stuart, 39, and the girls are staying at home as well.

Now Indiana and Maggie are looking to give back to the NHS in its time of need.

The duo have been singing a song every day to try to lift people’s spirits. They have already posted more than 50 songs online and have raised more than £2,500 so far for NHS charities.

Grandparents Jon and Mary Atkins, of Trinity Street, Halstead, say they are incredibly proud of their amazing achievement.

Jon said: “Shelly had an emergency liver transplant 16 years ago and the whole family will be forever grateful to the wonderful NHS.

“We are especially thankful to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge as they not only saved her life, they also made sure that our wonderful grandchildren Indiana and Maggie were delivered safely into this world. They are our forever heroes.

“Indiana was missing her school friends and decided to send them a video of her singing Lean on Me.

“She got such a lovely response that she decided she wanted to sing a song every day to try and lift people’s spirits and to make people smile in these difficult times.

“When she is feeling brave, Maggie also likes to join in on the action.

“Shelly raised a substantial amount for Addenbrooke’s after her transplant. Following in their mother’s footsteps the girls decided to try to raise some money for the NHS and with the help of mum and dad set up their Just Giving page.

“To date they have now raised £2,500 for NHS charities and the total is still rising. They have had so many giggles practicing and have loved reading the wonderful messages that they have received from their new fans.

“Friends and family look forward to hearing their songs every day and for just a few minutes everyone forgets about coronavirus.

“They are posting the songs on NHS websites and have had some amazing feedback telling them how much the NHS staff are enjoying them and that they too are sharing them with all their colleagues on the front line.”

To see the girls perform, search for ‘singingfornhs’ on Facebook. To donate, visit