A BEAUTY salon owner has described a proposal to create a bus lane next to her business as “ludicrious”.

Marie Yexley, of Beauty at the Bay, in Bergholt Road, Colchester, said she was astounded when she saw the council blueprints – designed to improve traffic congestion – indicating buses would use the unmade road next to her shop.

Miss Yexley, 31, was one of a number of concerned residents who spoke at the first meeting of Myland Development Committee.

It has been formed by Myland Community Council and is aimed at working with residents to ensure their voices are heard regarding developments in north Colchester.

Miss Yexley, who has owned the salon for three years, said: “How do they expect to get a bus down the side of my shop?

“I think it is absolutely ludicrous – you could come out of my shop and get hit by a bus.”

The North Colchester Travel Plan was devised by Essex County Council, Colchester Council and consultancy, Mouchel, and could cost £13million to implement.

Work could start on it in 2019.

The proposals set out that the track, which is a dead end, would serve as an exit point for buses travelling along Bergholt Road.

Miss Yexley added: “I cannot begin to imagine the chaos it would cause.”

Mile End ward councillor and committee member Scott Greenhill said: “It just beggars belief it is even being suggested as a possibility.

“Myself and councillors Anne Turrell and Martin Goss are chatting to Essex County Council as to why it thinks this is viable.”

Miss Yexley said she had previously been told by planners the track was unsuitable for commercial access and there were concerns as to how vehicles would be able to manoeuvre.

Tracey Chapman, county councillor in charge of highways, said the plan was designed to encourage the use of transport which has a lower impact on the environment, such as public transport, cycling and walking.

She added: “Once the report and modelling is finalised, the strategy must be formally approved by Essex County Council and Colchester Council, as clearly it is to form part of the evidence base for the forthcoming Supplementary Planning Document, which is currently being prepared by Colchester Council.”

She said detailed designs for the plan were still be carried out.