LIFE at luxury apartments has been likened to living in a prison cell because of loutish behaviour.

Residents at the Altezza complex, in De Grey Road, Colchester, have been forced to call police repeatedly due to vandalism, drunken behaviour and foul language.

Problems came to a head when police were called to out-of-control yobs at a party.

Resident Chris Boniface said: “I left for work at 3.45am and there were girls outside who were really noisy, effing and blinding and running up and down the stairs. It was bedlam.”

Mr Boniface added: “There were a lot of cans and smashed bottles.’’ One resident moved out after two years of problems. The woman, too afraid to be named amid fear of reprisals, said: “We have had a nightmare. Police are here all the time. The latest incident was the fourth time letterboxes have been damaged.

“I came here because it was recommended as up-and-coming. It has been horrendous.”

The woman said she had witnessed people going to the toilet in the grounds of the site.

Martin Goss, councillor for Mile End on Colchester Council, said: “It is a shame new, luxury flats are being treated disrespectfully by a bunch of nutters with no respect for property or neighbours.”

Letting agents Saxons, responsible for the property in which the party was staged, said they had been to clear up communal areas and had arranged to repair damage. A spokesman said he was not aware of ongoing problems there.

Harding Homes, the flats’ freeholder, confirmed there had been a party which was dealt with by police. A spokesman said walls were damaged and debris and beer cans were found. The company had been to clean the property and ensure it was in working order, he added.

A council spokesman said: “The tenant has been evicted; as a result no immediate action is necessary.” Police made no arrests.