TRAFFIC congestion in northern Colchester has worsened since the new A12 junction was opened, residents and councillors say.

The Cuckoo Farm junction opened in December, three months ahead of schedule.

As the council’s planning committee discussed plans for almost 250 homes at the former Severalls Hospital site, one of local residents’ main objections concerned the amount of traffic already using roads in the area.

Luisa White, of Thomas Walkey Close, said: “I can sit for ages trying to get out of my turning, because of the traffic in Mill Road. If just one car parks along the road, which is perfectly legal, it causes the traffic to back right up, as it effectively makes it one-way.

“It has got worse since the junction was opened.”

Frederick Hoy, 60, of Mill Road, added: “From morning to night, it is busy, but there are two or three hours in the morning and again in the evening when it is almost impossible along here.

“The police told me Mill Road was the busiest road in Colchester – even worse than Cowdray Avenue.”

Mile End ward councillor Martin Goss agreed congestion had worsened noticeably in recent months.

He added: “I think one of the other councillors also mentioned in the meeting his wife works in that area and felt it was worse than ever.”