REVISED plans to build 248 homes on the site of Colcehster’s former Severalls Hospital have been put forward.

The updated plans for a corner of the Mile End site were submitted as agreement was finally reached on plans to build a road through the site, linking the A12 junction with the town.

The original application, submitted in March, provoked complaints from residents in and around Mill Road, who felt the proposed estate would be too imposing.

Liz Gray, chairman of Myland Parish Council, said the revised plans addressed some concerns, but created new ones.

She added: “This does seem to be carefully designed and a decent proposal.

“I just wish it was not in Mile End and the start of thousands of more homes. I think the changes are positive, so long as they have actually listened to what we have said.

“But we’re worried about the potential for more flooding. We already know it floods around the community stadium.”

Landowners, the North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and the Homes and Communities Agency, want to sell that part of the hospital site to a developer with planning permission in place.

They will then sell the rest of the land, which already has outline planning permission for 1,500 homes, to other developers.

Last week, Essex County Council agreed to pay up-front for a new road through the site, with developers paying the money back when the land is developed.

The road will link the new A12 junction, which opened two weeks ago, with the Northern Approach Road.

County Hall will contribute £4,745,200, with a further £4 million coming from the Homes and Communities Agency.

Under the deal, developers will start making repayments after the first 375 homes have been built, paying further installments each time 100 new homes are added.

Development of the site of the former hospital, which closed in 1997, stalled when the recession-hit developers refused to pay the original the asking price.

Martin Goss, borough councillor for Mile End, said: “Whichever way it’s built, it’s going to be the taxpayer who funds it, but actually I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I applaud the county council for what it has done.”