A WOMAN was taken the short distance to Colchester General after tripping on a damaged footpath in the hospital’s grounds.

Freda Mills, 77, and her pet poodle, Alfie Bo, were returning from High Woods Country Park to her home in Tall Trees, Mile End, when she fell on the “dangerous” path.

She said: “I think I nearly passed out. I broke my glasses, I had a black eye, grazed face, split nose, split lip, sliced finger, sprained ankle, hurt shoulder, bruised hip and knee.

“I couldn’t get up. A lot of staff came round and they called an ambulance. A friend of mine came by and took my dog, while I went to A&E.”

Mrs Mills asked councillor Martin Goss to find out who was responsible for maintaining the footpath, and request they carry out repairs.

Mrs Mills, who has nearly recovered since the accident, three weeks ago, said she did not want any compensation for the fall, she just did not want anyone else to get hurt.

She added: “They’re spending so much money on these new buildings and they can’t look after their paths.

“I think they’re being very negligent to the staff, because they use that path all the time.”

Philip Kitchener, associate director of facilities and estate management at the hospital, confirmed staff had been in touch with Mr Goss.

He said: “We inspected the area where she fell and while there was some unevenness, it was very slight and not at a level that would necessitate a repair by any local authority.

“If Mrs Mills were to contact the hospital, we would be happy to investigate further and report back to her.”