A COUPLE have sung the praises of a team of firefighters called to rescue their pet duck after it got wedged in a pipe.

Julie and Steve Lawrence’s pet duck went missing from their garden in Cooks Hill, Boxted, on Sunday night.

After searching the grounds, their white duck, Bonnet, was found stuck in a pipe near a drain.

Mrs Lawrence said: “We put all six of our pet ducks away for the night in the duck shed to keep them safe from the foxes, but we couldn’t find Bonnet anywhere.

“We were looking everywhere in the dark. We shone a torch into this pipe and saw Bonnet’s backside about three to four metres in.

“My husband dug for ages to try to free her, because we really didn’t want to call the fire brigade.

“But in the end, we had to dial 999, because there was no way we could break the pipe and free her ourselves.

“I was cringing with embarrassment, but the firefighters were incredible – absolutely amazing.

“She eventually emerged into one of the firefighter’s arms. They were really kind and we are so grateful.”

A team of firefighters, from white watch in Colchester, worked for about 30 minutes to free the duck.

Station Officer, Trevor Watson, said: “We have no idea how it managed to get stuck up there, maybe it was being chased by a fox, we don’t know.

“It wasn’t a major problem. It was stuck in there and the owners couldn’t get it out, so luckily we were able to help.

“We are a rescue service afterall.”

Bonnet has now been reunited with her fellow ducks.