A SKITTISH stray cat who was frightened of people when he was found abandoned is now “blossoming in confidence” after being rehomed by animal lovers.

Perry the puss was brought to the attention of National Animal Welfare Trust, in Little Clacton, by local residents, who had become concerned for his wellbeing.

The black and white cat had been roaming the streets of Tendring for a while, before eventually being taking in by the non-profit organisation in the summer.

Unclaimed, Perry was given medical attention and continued to be meticulously cared for by the trust’s dedicated team of workers and volunteers.

But the anxious cat remained extremely sceptical and scared of pretty much everyone and everything around him.

“He spent much of his time hiding in his carrier, but our team gave him plenty of space and reassurance,” said a spokesman for the trust.

“It took him longer than most, but he eventually became brave enough to explore further than his carrier, and then our enrichment pens.

“We knew Perry would need a very special home and were delighted when eventually an experienced home came forward, willing to give him the time he needed with no pressure for progression.”

Since being rehomed, Perry has started to finally settle down, and is now lapping up the consistent attention from his loving owners.

In what has been a difficult year for the trust, not least to due the financial impacts of coronavirus, Perry’s new start in life acts as a degree of positivity.

The spokesman added: “He has completely taken everyone by surprise with just how much he has progressed in a short period of time.

“This once petrified stray boy is now blossoming in confidence daily and starting to enjoy lap cuddles.

“He will be starting 2021 in a home to call his own and living a very different life than he was earlier this year, but we can only do what we do with your support.

“Your generosity this year, in what has been a hard year for everyone, has been incredible and we could not be more grateful.”

To donate to the National Animal Welfare Trust visit facebook.com/nawt.clacton.