Following the Gazette’s article (July 23) relating to a recent seaside resort survey, I felt closer consideration should be afforded to this evaluation.

This appraisal of more than 100 seaside resort destinations is no mean feat.

However, subsequently, the timing of out of season visits is questionable to presenting an informed picture and there appeared a clear disparity, leaning towards the smaller resorts to the detrimentation of the bigger resort’s leisure experience.

Town tourism bosses provided a balanced view of their constructive feelings.

Perhaps, in hindsight the travel section of the magazine may supplement an addendum in recognition of the first-class achievement of Clacton Pier’s prestigious, accolade in being awarded the country’s 2020 ‘pier of the year’ award and acknowledging of the increase in Blue Flag and Seaside Awards attained and credited to Tendring Council.

With the pandemic, many have had to endure long periods of housebound isolation bearing quiet and peace, surrounded by crowd-free towns and beaches.

However, with positive signs of human life opening up and with each passing week there’s developing a welcome buzz in our towns, resorts, villages and all along our ‘sunshine coast’.

I am convinced, that those who choose to visit or holiday in our district, will enjoy our part of Essex to excess.

Tom Gunning, Arnold Road, Clacton