PICNICKING families fled genteel Frinton as revellers fought each other on the resort’s famous Greensward.

Residents have been left angry by antisocial behaviour and poor parking by visitors, who descended upon the town during the warm weather last week.

As lockdown restrictions were eased, thousands of people headed to the resort to enjoy the beach and greensward.

But one resident was shocked to see a group fighting on the green on Friday evening.

They said: “We have lived here 17 years in a seafront flat and we have never seen such numbers of visitors or a punch up on the greensward.

“It appears the end to isolation bought drunken revellers out.

“We watched as families fled as the people fighting threw punches and insults at each other over the heads of families enjoying a picnic.

“Families had to get up and move from the affray or get trampled a number of times.

“The police were called by me and others as we heard women and children scream in fright and we saw one man on the ground surrounded by others.

“We fear this is the signs of things to come in the crowded madness as people let off steam from being isolated.

“But it’s such a shame that families had to have their day ruined and children had to see and hear the fight.”

Emergency services, including Essex Police and the East of England Ambulance Service, were called to the scene.

Frinton mayor Fiona Robertson said: “It’s sad to hear there was a fight on the greensward.

“This is not the sort of thing we want to see happening in Frinton.

“Thursday and Friday were two of the busiest days I have ever seen here.

“Parking was horrendous - people just seemed to do what they liked. People who visit our town must show more respect.”

Frinton councillor Terry Allen added: “We will not put up with this behaviour from people from outside our area.

“They’ve driven many miles to get here and abuse our hospitality, upsetting other groups enjoying our seafront.

"We're not a busy seaside resort, Frinton is a seaside town.

“I have total empathy for the residents of Ibiza and Mallorca, who must get this all the time.

“Fortunately, this is a one off situation for us.”

Essex Police has been contacted for comment.