THERE is a fine balancing act between public health and economic survival.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the next phase of the lifting of the lockdown, which has paralysed the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

His decisions will bring both praise and criticism and, in truth, he stands no hope of pleasing everyone.

The problem is the demands of public health and economic survival are in direct competition. To ensure the pandemic is wiped out, the only real action at this stage is to make people stay inside.

But at what cost?

The economy is in dire straits and is already flatlining.

So what to do?

The Government has taken bold steps in opening pubs, restaurants, museums, hotels and campsites and in allowing an easement of the two metre social distancing rules.

People need company, they need interaction and the human cost of lockdown must also be taken into consideration.

But we cannot let this terrible virus take hold again.

All must be tempered with common sense. We must not open the door and let Covid back in.