THOUSANDS of vulnerable residents are being advised to continue to shield against the coronavirus.

The UK is starting to come out of lockdown amid signs of the pandemic subsiding.

However, Tendring Council has urged 8,000 residents who are considered to be at risk to sit tight until the end of June and have been told help will continue to be at hand.

Vulnerable people with specific medical conditions have previously been contacted by the NHS and advised to remain at home.

They were told relatives, friends or neighbours should help with ensuring they have adequate essential supplies such as food or medicine.

In Tendring, residents who are shielding and do not have a support network can contact the Tendring Council helpline for support.

Initial assessments suggested there were about 500 vulnerable people in the district - which has one of the highest proportions of elderly residents in the country - but now this figure has been reassessed to be more than 8,000 based on wider factors. Although many have their own support and do not need help from the Tendring Community Hub, the council team has contacted each one to make sure they are coping.

One woman with cancer had no family nearby and was out of food but she was supplied with an emergency food box including a card and flowers to cheer her up.

Meanwhile 200 vulnerable Tendring residents are joining an Essex County Council pilot scheme where they will be provided with a smart device to allow better contact with health and social care professionals.

While some parts of lockdown are being lifted, as part of the Government’s phased recovery plan the shielded should continue to stay at home until the end of June.

There has been some relaxation in the guidance for those aged over-70 who are fit and well who previously been told to shield, who are now advised they may leave their homes.

Tendring Council leader Neil Stock said: “We understand how difficult it must be for those who have to shield by staying at home for so long.

“But we are determined to help you to keep safe. If you need support, please call us.”

Helpline on 01255 686700 or for shielding advice, go to