I am writing to support our MP Giles Watling in his view that visitors “descending” on our beaches could bring the virus with them and put our community at unnecessary risk.

We have a responsibility to protect our Tendring residents in this difficult and ongoing situation, and we also have a responsibility to advise and protect the visitors that we would normally welcome with such open arms.

Having walked the prom and greensward on Sunday morning, I viewed rammed litter bins choked with rubbish, many with more rubbish surrounding them.

While unpleasant and disappointing viewing, that problem can be resolved fairly quickly.

However, the toilets are not open.

Visitors were already arriving at 9am, heading for the beach in family groups carrying picnics, clearly planning a day at the beach.

But there are no toilets open on the seafront or in town.

But is it responsible to reopen the toilets?

Social distancing in a public toilet? Disinfecting public conveniences after every use? Policing a ‘one in, one out’ policy? Providing and checking sufficient hand wash for hundreds of people every day at every public convenience?

As Giles stated, “we will welcome all with open arms when the time is right”.

But now is not that time. Not yet. And ‘the right time’ may not come this year.

As a beach hut owner, I am not letting my hut this year. I would urge all other owners to consider the same. The reasons do not need to be spelled out.

Life experience confirms that common sense is not necessarily common property - it isn’t always obvious and it isn’t always shared.

Now, in a time of national crisis it is naively irresponsible hand washing to say ‘let the people decide’.

The travel ban for exercise must be reinstated for the safely of all until the virus is under control and a vaccine available.

If we are truly supporting our wonderful NHS and all the local care staff who now more than ever, care for our loved ones when we cannot, we MUST support Giles as he seeks to convince Boris to rethink and re-engage the travel lockdown, at least for the purposes of ‘exercise’.

This is a judgment call for Boris. He has the responsibility and authority to take back control of the travel restriction.

But we all have a part to play.