CARE home residents and sweet-sounding school children have been hitting the high notes in a bid to lift spirits across the community.

Woodboro Residential Care Home, in Clacton, is currently on lockdown as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, meaning relatives are no longer allowed to visit.

Despite being in isolation, elderly residents have been keeping in high spirits, while simultaneously sending a heart-warming message to their loved ones.

In a video posted on the home’s social media channels, the elderly residents can be seen each singing a line of Vera Lynn's 1939 track, We'll Meet again.

The touching rendition has been created to assure loved ones, who are unable to visit the home, that their relatives, friends, and spouses are safe and well.

But it has also provided residents with a stimulating and positive activity to engage with while being unable to interact physically with their loved ones.

Pupils from Kirby Primary School, many of which are now currently studying at home, have also taken part in producing a similar video.

The young singers, from the early years foundation stage class, have performed a cover of John Lennon's famous single, Imagine.

The idea for the visual came from proud parents who thought it would help the children to continue bonding with their new-found friends.

It has also been designed to send positivity to staff still working at the school, as well as to the wider community during the coronavirus pandemic.

One parent said: "We have made this video to keep their friendships going strong during this hard time, as they only started school in September.

"Our group is keeping them in touch with one another and keeping spirits high so, when things go back to normal, they won’t forget who each other are.

"And it is nice to have a positive message out there at the moment.

"The teachers loved it."