A CARAVAN owner says she has been left homeless while another is having to live in his car after they were both evicted from seaside holiday parks.

Chrissy Smith, 44, said she has lived at Valley Farm Holiday Park in Clacton for the past three years.

She bought the lodge so she could stay there on a permanent basis which she says bosses at the resort’s park were aware.

But last week Parkdean Resorts, the company which runs Valley Farm, shut down its 67 national sites, following Government advice regarding coronavirus.

Both caravan owners and tenants were given just hours to vacate the respective premises.

Chrissy said: “I own the lodge and I was told if I didn’t get off the site then my contract would be terminated when the park re-opened.

“I have a large dog but I am now having to move from place to place and I am really panicking. On the first night I stayed in a bed and breakfast and just cried all night.”

Another caravan owner, who lives in London but works in Clacton, was staying at the Weeley Bridge Holiday Park in Weeley.

He is now living in his car, which he has parked up in the Gorse Lane industrial estate and does not want to return home as his elderly parents are isolating.

He also says he has been refused the chance to return to the site to pick up his heart medication.

“We was given five hours to collect our things, but I was at work so couldn’t get there in time and I am now being refused the chance to collect important heart medication.”

When contacted, Parkdean Resorts confirmed caravan owners were asked to return to their primary residence.

But, according to a spokesman for the company, anyone who felt unable to do so was told to speak with the site’s general manager “as a matter of urgency”.

He said:“Parkdean Resorts is fully complying with the Government’s guidance.

“Anyone who has nowhere else to go should get in touch with the Parkdean Resorts contact centre on 03332079280.”