TOURISM bosses hope spending £100,000 to boost creative and cultural projects in Tendring will create 240 jobs in the next five year.

Tendring Council's cabinet is this week expected to rubber-stamp plans for a new fund as part of itsCreative and Cultural Strategy.

The cash comes from uncommitted resources from the council’s regeneration budgets and will be used to support the development and delivery of a range of projects.

A Creative and Cultural Board will also be set up and have responsibility for ensuring the strategy translates into tangible action on the ground.

It is hoped the strategy will help to create 240 creative and cultural jobs in the district within five years.

A report said: "The strategy’s vision is for Tendring to become a centre for creative innovation, build high levels of cultural participation.

"It has been demonstrated that creative and cultural activity increases innovation across all sectors and that innovation strengthens a location’s economy and creates jobs.

"The vision and objectives of the strategy will be delivered via the implementation of projects that will be developed departmentally and through new and existing partnerships with the creative and cultural sector, locally and sub-regionally, and with national portfolio

organisations such as The Mercury and Firstsite and with bridge organisations, such as the Royal Opera House.

"Whilst the creative and cultural sector in Tendring is fragmented and relatively small, it is recognised that with the right encouragement the sector could play an important role in growing the district’s economy, whilst also bringing communities together and making a positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of residents."

The cabinet is expected to adopt the strategy at a meeting on Friday.