AN inspiring tot who is battling the same rare condition as his older brother could now be on the road to recovery thanks to a donor from America.

Ernie Toms, who is one, was diagnosed with Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome shortly after being born in 2018.

The diagnosis came as a particular shock to parents Charlotte, 31, and Lionel, 31, as their second son, Reggie, was already fighting the same disease.

The rare condition, which only affects between one and ten males in every million, left both Reggie and Ernie with a weak immune system.

Reggie, three, had to undergo a bone marrow transplant and it was thought that Ernie would also need the same operation in order to survive.


But after enduring six days of intense chemotherapy, following several illnesses, Ernie was given a lifeline after a compatible stem cell donor was found in America.

The donor, who would have been registered, had to first be asked if she was willing to help Ernie, before having injections for a week to boost her cells.

Charlotte said: “She would only have known that Ernie is a one-year-old in England.

“The cells, which have come from the bone marrow, have been flown over from America and given to Ernie.

“It is humbling that people from all over the world donate and it means Ernie gets a second chance at life.

“You are just always hopeful there is a donor and they don’t have to search for one.”

Ernie is slowly taking onboard the new cells via a Hickman Line and he is expected to remain in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London for at least another 28 days before he can be discharged back to his home in Clacton.

At the moment, he is on the road to recovery, but his condition could change at any moment.

Charlotte said: “As these are not Ernie’s cells, the risk now is that his body will try to reject them or react to having the cells.

“These side effects can be anything from a rash to life threatening. Because of chemotherapy, he has no immune system to fight anything. This journey can take well over a year for him.”

The family is appealing for support to cover travel costs to and from hospital. To donate to Ernie’s journey visit