ANGERED residents are calling on “lazy” dogwalkers with “no respect” to stop leaving their pet’s poo outside their homes.

Residents in Tendring who fail to pick-up their dog’s waste can be slapped with a fix penalty notice of £50 or a fine of up to £1,000 if they are taken to court.

Despite the potential financial repercussions, some dogwalkers still opt against cleaning up after their four-legged friend has gone to the toilet in public.

Simone Walker, who lives in Jaywick, has twice seen dog poo left outside her home, but says her neighbour is constantly greeted with the smelly excrement.

Her young son has also apparently once fallen victim to the unsightly mess in the past, while out playing.

“My son’s scooter has rolled over the dog poo before,” she said.

“Sometimes the dogwalkers let their dogs actually poo in my neighbour’s garden.

“It is frustrating, disgraceful, and selfish and there is absolutely no need for it - I have a dog, but I always pick up its poo.

“It is lazy people who have no respect and it is not fair that other people should have to pick it and it is not good for the little kids who are walking in it.”

Another annoyed resident, from Jaywick, who asked not to be named, is a dog owner and frequently takes her pets out for walks around the coastal village.

But after encountering what she believes is an increased amount of faeces while out with her dog, she has now decided to temporarily halt their walks.

Her main fear is her treasured dogs could become ill as a result of being near the waste or accidentally eating it.

She said: “I have had to stop taking my dogs out because of the amount of dog mess we come across when out walking.

“They are vaccinated, but I am still worried they will pick something up from the amount there is around here.

“If you can’t pick your mess up, then don’t have a dog.”