Myself, my wife and our three children had one of our cats stolen from St Mary’s Road, Clacton, just before Christmas.

We noticed there were cat food pouches out for a little while in our area when our cat was about.

Now there are no more pouches and our beautiful, friendly cat Lily is not to be seen anywhere.

We have had our cat since she was a little kitten and have seen her grow up and have kittens of her own, which we have still got.

She was such a friendly cat and people around our area know her really well and know she is ours.

However, since she has gone, other people online have reported elsewhere that food pouches have been left outside their properties and cats have gone missing.

We see a connection and believe someone may be taking cats.

We miss her terribly and she is loved by our whole family. The house is not the same without her.

We have put posters up in our area but no one has come forward to tell us any information.

Some people must be really sick to take family pets.

Daniel Tuck