CLACTON Amateur Dramatics Society will be getting into the Christmas spirit with their latest production, The Flint Street Nativity.

The production runs from Thursday, November 21, to Saturday, November 23, at Clacton’s West Cliff Theatre.

The Flint Street Nativity is a hilarious comedy by Calendar Girls and Neville’s Island playwright, Tim Firth, and will be directed by David Thompson, after his successful CADS directorial debut with The Accrington Pals.

The comedy sees Mizzis Horrocks’ class of seven-year-olds perform their nativity play at Flint Street Junior School for the proud mums and dads - and the occasional social worker.

Squabbles arise when Angel Gabriel wants to play Mary, the Star grumbles he’s not a proper star like they have at Nasa, Herod won’t stop waving to his mum and dad and the subversive Innkeeper is determined to liven up the traditional script.

This warm, witty play is an ideal alternative to the usual Christmas fare with original lyrics set to the tunes of Christmas carols.

The cast includes Jo Thorne, Ian Russell, Courtney Gleave, Liam Kerr, Alex Bass, Kayleigh Murray, Hayley Favell, James Hooker, Charlotte Root, Natalie Stock and Charlie Vaughan.

Natalie Stock, who plays Angel Gabriel, said: “This nativity is something a little bit different.

“It has adults playing all the children and follows the politics that goes on behind the scenes when putting on a play.

“It has the tantrums and highs and lows and you see all the things children pick up from their parents.

“I’ll be playing Gabriel, who desperately wants to be Mary instead and is mischievous and scheming in her bid to be so - the play is very funny.”

Tickets cost £10 for all performances, which start at 7.30pm, with an additional Saturday matinee at 2.30pm.

Contact the West Cliff Theatre box office on 01255 433344.