READERS have overwhelmingly voted against plans for a new 'Dutch' style roundabout in Braintree.

Hundreds took part in an online poll where they were asked if they thought the proposals for Coggeshall Road were a good idea.

But 86 per cent of the 346 voters said they did not believe the plans were beneficial for the town.

Readers on Facebook were also scathing of the scheme, which will see the junction with Railway Street turned into a single roundabout where cyclists and pedestrians will have priority over vehicles.

One said: "Another crackpot idea and the current roundabout has just been resurfaced. Accidents will increase.

"Cyclists are getting far to much preference when they don't even pay towards the roads and should have insurance."

Another added: "Unfortunately a disaster waiting to happen, people don’t get the concept of ordinary roundabouts so how will they cope with this?"

But some readers were more welcoming towards the plans.

One said: "Very happy this is going to happen. At least it will be more safe for pedestrians trying to cross the road."

Essex County Council has been given more than £7m from the Government to improve green infrastructure in towns.

As well as creating a 'Dutch' roundabout, the cash will also be used to set up two dedicated cycle and walking lanes in Braintree.

One will run from east to west for 0.9 miles from the new ‘Dutch’ roundabout along Coggeshall Road, through Bank Street and down Panfield Lane to the junction with Porters Field.

The second route will run for 0.3 miles from Station Approach, down South Street and Fairfield Road.

Both routes will be separated from the road and a 20mph speed limit installed to make it user-friendly.

A ‘school streets’ approach will also be adopted which will only allow pedestrians and cyclists to access roads outside Tabor Academy and John Bunyan Infant School.

County Hall's highways boss Kevin Bentley says more "radical" plans for enhancing green infrastructure across Essex are in the pipeline.

Mr Bentley added: “We will not stop there. This amount of funding reflects Government confidence in our forward-thinking schemes. Everyone understands that as more and more homes are built, our roads and our lungs cannot take the strain.

“I am not against cars – they are vital in our rural county, but where we can, we should all sometimes choose to leave the car at home. It is up to us to make those choices possible.

“The future demands sustainable transport and a different future requires revolutionary thinking.

“We will be re-allocating road space – but only where it makes sense – and we will be consulting publicly on all proposals.”