A GRATEFUL mum has thanked a big-hearted teenager for giving her young son a huge confidence boost.

Rachael Lawrence, 38, of Plains Field, Braintree, was desperate to thank the mystery teenager after he went out of his way to help her son as he was learning to ride his bike in Halstead.

Son, Josh, nine, suffers from dyspraxia, a condition which affects co-ordination and movement.

It means learning to ride a bike has been a big challenge for Josh, who often falls off during his determined efforts to learn.

While visiting dad James, 40, at his home on Ramsey Road, Halstead, Josh was learning in the nearby park when he was approached by 14-year-old Devon Raven, from Braintree.

Rachael said: “There was quite a big gang of teenagers there in a corner of the field under the trees with BMXs, probably to use the ramps and stunt area.

“They were about 15 or 16 I reckon and Josh had been riding not far away from them at times.

“I wasn’t there but Josh’s dad and his girlfriend messaged me about what was happening.

“They were going home for the day when a lad from the group went over and just said how he though Josh was doing so well.

“I was a bit nervous in case Josh found it intimidating because they were quite loud and boisterous, but it was really nice of him to come and ask how long Josh had been riding.

“He said Josh was doing well and that he was impressed how Josh kept getting back on and going again.

“This was massively a big deal for him. I saw him afterwards and Josh was just glowing.

“A compliment is one thing but to come from a complete stranger, and someone he might potentially look up to, was fantastic.

“Josh’s confidence is simply sky-high now and you should see how his attitude has changed.”

Rachael took to Facebook to try and track down helpful Ramsey Academy pupil Devon.

It didn’t take long for the boy’s mum Vicki to get in touch.

Rachael said: “She immediately knew it was about her son.

“Speaking to him, he was absolutely lovely and was such a nice lad.

“I wanted to thank him by sending over some thank you pocket money. He has a little brother called Boston and instead of taking the money he asked his mum to use the money to buy something for his little brother – he is so humble.”

Josh celebrated his ninth birthday last Tuesday and is now getting closer and closer to mastering his bike, thanks to his new-found confidence.