I often find the opinions of a regular letter writer debatable. 

But his letter printed in the paper recently has made me extremely angry.

A couple of weeks ago he told us the coronavirus had been visited upon us as punishment for Brexit and this week, apparently, it is no worse than flu and everyone is exaggerating and overreacting to it.

Does he know something that the Chief Medical Officers and the chief Scientific Officers are not aware of?

Has he not seen the doctors and nurses dealing with the victims of Covid-19 terrified for their lives every time they go to work and begging, in tears, for people to heed the advice and stay at home?

Has he not seen young, seemingly healthy and fit victims gasping for breath, hardly able to speak pleading for people to take this seriously?

Has he not seen the increasing number of deaths reported every day?

Is the ExCeL centre in London being turned into a hospital for fun?

It is the selfish people who are in denial about the seriousness of this virus and who are ignoring the directives to stay at home and isolate themselves that can spread it further and endanger everybody else.

This is not flu, it is a deadly virus that could kill any one of us, including you.

Aly Archer

London Road, Braintree