COUNCIL bosses say they will take action against anyone trying to burn garden waste.

The warning comes after Braintree Council received complaints about homeowners in the district disturbing neighbours with smoke from bonfires.

The authority has suspended the collection of garden waste due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Essex County Council has also closed all recycling centres because of the pandemic, meaning residents have no choice but to store their garden waste for the time being.

Amid complaints about some people burning the waste, Braintree Council has issued a warning to residents, saying they will investigate any concerns about bonfire smoke.

A spokesman said: "We know it’s difficult with the Essex Recycling Centres for household waste closed and garden waste collections suspended, but in view of the health implications linked to Covid-19 (respiratory condition), we are asking residents not to burn their garden waste, or any other waste.

"Smoke from bonfires is anti-social and can cause problems for neighbours and we will continue to investigate any complaints we receive.

"Please home compost your waste or store it in your garden until collections are resumed."

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