An energy provider has responded to claims that a new power station could harm the surrounding land.

Conrad Energy is seeking full planning permission to construct a standby gas powered generation facility on land off Cut Throat Lane, Witham.

A number of allotment owners, who have land nearby have already objected to the proposal over fears it could lead to hedgerows and plants being ripped up.

The proposed traffic management plan will see parts of Cut Throat Lane and Mulberry Gardens widened to accommodate larger vehicles during construction.

Resident Susan Smith said: "I think it's a case of decimating everything in their path just to get access to the site.

"But there's no need to do that because it's only needed temporarily. I can see at least one alternative that would mean you don't have to go ripping out hedges and disturbing wildlife."

Philip Silk, Regional Development Manager at Conrad Energy has responded stating "that the route proposed in the application is the most suitable."

He said: "We understand that local people have some concerns regarding out application.

"Following discussions with Network Rail and Essex Highways along with detailed surveys, we believe that the route proposed in the application is the most suitable.

"We would like to reassure everyone living locally and those with allotments, that we will not remove any hedges.

"We will need to widen sections of the route into the site and cut back some of the overhanging branches, to prevent damage to the adjacent trees and hedgerows but for clarity, we are not widening the road to six metres.

"We will implement traffic management measures to minimise any temporary impact on residents, allotment owners, walkers and cyclists during the construction period and have consulted Essex Highways regarding this.

"We are also speaking with the allotment owners and addressing the concerns raised, as well as looking at ways we can collaborate on future activities."