A DINNER lady who was sacked after telling a child’s parents about an incident in a school playground has not been awarded any compensation by an employment tribunal.

The tribunal in Bury St Edmunds ruled Carol Hill, 62, of Chappel Road, Great Tey, was not entitled to any compensation after being sacked from her job at Great Tey Primary School.

Despite ruling at an earlier hearing that Mrs Hill had been unfairly dismissed because the school failed to follow the correct procedure, Tribunal chairman Robin Postle said Mrs Hill was not entitled to any compensation.

Mrs Hill witnessed an incident in the school playground which involved a seven-year-old girl being whipped with a skipping rope by a group of boys.

She later told the parents of the girl, who had not been made fully aware of the incident by the school and she contacted the press, which the tribunal deemed was inappropriate and in her own interests.

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