Don't Panic may seem a little flippant remark to make bearing in mind the week we've had.

But in terms of the wider global state of the way we are in - that's how Colchester author Neil Gibb sees it.

To be more precise Neil wants people to realise that despite on the face of it the world looking like it's in a terrible spot of bother, in actual fact we are on the cusp of a revolution which will change all our lives for the better.

"History has shown us this," he tells me. "Take the Renaissance and more recently the Industrial Revolution, both of which were periods in history which saw great change but just before also had incredible phases of disruption.

"This is what's happening now, all driven by the new advances in technology, so people shouldn't really panic because things are going to turn out pretty good."

And in case you're still not convinced, Neil's written a 256 page manifesto, entitled The Participation Revolution in which he details what exactly is going on and how all of us can work our way through it.

He adds: "What I am really interested in is leading conversations and providing insight that help people not only survive and thrive in this emerging new world, but actually be part of shaping a future and world that works for everyone."

Neil should know because this is exactly what he's been telling the world's leading industries for the few years.

Born in the Yorkshire Dales, Neil studied Computer Science at Kent University before going to work in the dotcom industry.

After moving to Australia and Indonesia in 2007, Neil began looking at the rise of China and in particular how new technology has become an enabler in terms of how companies operate.

"The last time I went to Australia backpacking it was in 1989," he says, "and when I went back some guy asked me how I survived without any internet and ATMs, and I couldn't really answer him. I told him 'I just did', but I honestly don't know how I did it."

Moving back to the UK two years ago, Neil now works as a technology consultant to high level company management teams helping them transform and thrive in the new economy.

Now he's hoping to spread the word even further with his new book and a series of interactive 'gigs', the first of which starts at Waterstones, Colchester.

"The reason I chose Colchester to start with is two fold," he says. "On the one hand it is where I live. But I could easily have started in London as that is where most of my work is. Colchester was the original Roman settlement and is the oldest British town. It is where 'modern Britain' started in many ways so seems an ideal place to start a conversation about renewal.

"And I'm calling them gigs because that's how I'm seeing them really. Rather than a traditional book launch I want the evening to be about discussing the issues raised in the book and starting up conversations. If people then buy the book afterwards then that's a bonus."

Neil Gibb and The Participation Revolution is at Waterstones, High Street, Colchester, on Monday, March 5, from 7pm. Entry is £2.