AN organisation founded to reinvigorate Colchester’s Hythe has hit a bump in the road.

Hythe Forward has being forced to pause its activities due to issues with volunteers.

Chairman Richard Bailey has admitted the community land trust is struggling because board members are being “pulled in other directions”.

He said: “All the key people in the board have been pulled away so it’s a real problem.

“Finding anyone to volunteer, and who has the time to commit, is becoming more of a challenge so we’re struggling.

“People are being pushed into working harder and it’s the voluntary sector which is suffering.

“What Hythe Forward is experiencing is indicative of a general problem we have around volunteering.

At one stage there were about 11 board members but the numbers are now dwindling.

To get Hythe Forward running at full strength again, Mr Bailey also needs members of the public to support in other areas such as Wordpress and coding, social media, general admin and minute taking.

He said: “There’s lots of funding out there nationally to help us progress which is great, but we need the resources to use that money.

“We’re yet to have a full board meeting yet this year but I suspect we’ll either have to reinvent, or say we need to mothball Hythe Forward for a while.

“If people have ideas or feedback they can contact me and I’d be happy to chat with them.”

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