A CLEANER was left distraught after his motorbike was stolen for the second time.

Kieran Hyde, from Colchester, was on his way back from a meal out when he got a call from his dad Derrick.

The garage in Duncan Road, where he keeps his Honda Repsol 125, had been broken into and his bike was gone.

He said: “I rushed back to find what seemed to be a crowbar break-in of some sort, with bad damage to the door and lock.

“I’ve told the council many times that the majority of garages need replacing and proper reinforcement is needed.

“This is the second motorbike of mine in the past two years to be stolen despite the new locks and new wood slats.”

His first bike, a Sinnis Apache 125, was stolen from the garage a couple of years ago.

He then had to pay out £3,000 for his new bike.

He said: “I had to pay out of my own pocket and spent some money customising it with stickers and a new exhaust system. I knew for sure the bike was safe on Saturday night but I think the thieves must have come in the early hours of Sunday morning and stolen it.

“I’m absolutely gutted as it’s my only mode of transport and has set my conditions off terribly.

“I suffer from Tourette’s and ADHD syndrome and feel like I’ve had a massive setback.”

He uses the bike to get around for work as he is self employed as a professional end of tenancy cleaner for estate agents.

The bike is orange and black, anyone with information should contact police on 101.

Mr Hyde posted an appeal on Facebook, he is offering a £100 reward for any information leading to the prosecution of the bike thieves.

A spokesman for Colchester Borough Homes said: “We were concerned to hear about this incident and are sorry whenever any of our garage tenants suffer a loss.

“We are investing to improve our considerable stock of garages across Colchester, which we hope will deter vandalism and protect property. Unfortunately, the garages in question have yet to benefit from our ongoing improvement programme.

“We will, however, carry out repairs to the garage to ensure it is available for use as soon as possible.”