A FAMILY is preparing to say goodbye to a dad and uncle who has been battling with cancer.

Robin Percival, from Colchester, was diagnosed with skin and throat cancer a year ago.

He was given 12 months to live, and it is not known how long Mr Percival, 49, has left.

A family friend, Lisa Whymark, is raising money to help his three children arrange a funeral for him.

Niece Zoe Percival said: "The throat cancer has affected his facial features so he is very self conscious. He has started to not leave the house as he believes everyone stares at him.

"This is even more heartbreaking because we don't want him to live his last days cooped up indoors.

"We would love to be able to take him out to places."

He found out about his cancer after finding a lump in his mouth, which spread and grew bigger over time.

He then received hospital treatment, but unfortunately the cancer remains.

He does not have a wife or partner, but has three children. Mr Percival was a site foreman but is unable to work due to his condition.

He is helped out every day by Paula Hinson and Alison Percival.

He will leave behind children Clition, 24, Lacey, 10, and Curtis, eight.

Family and friends have organised a number of fundraising events, including a raffle, to raise money for his funeral.

They have described him as a hard worker who would do anything for anyone.

Visit www.gofundme.com/funeral-for-a-close-friens.