A LOVER of neon has introduced schoolchildren to their first ever clubbing experience.

Lucy Taylor, an ambassador for This Girl Can Essex, is encouraging youngsters to keep fit and have fun.

She held her first ever under 13s clubbercise session at Brinkley Grove Primary School, and the children loved dancing about in bright colours.

Lucy said: "With the overwhelming success at my adult clubbercise classes, it felt time to bring the disco lights, glitter and glow sticks to our schools.

"The mini clubbers got the party started today and had so much fun they forgot it was exercise.

"These boys and girls really glowed their sticks off. The next step is family clubbercise, which is due to launch in February."

Clubbercise is a dance fitness class with routines taught in a nightclub atmosphere with rave glow sticks, lasers & disco lights.

To find out more, visit Clubbercise Colchester with LucyT Fitness in Facebook.