TWO youngsters who suffer from rare disorders are set to benefit from a generous well-wishers who raised hundreds of pounds for them.

Sisters Sophie and Danielle Hartley, who organised Frinton’s late night shopping event in December, wanted to raise money for a worthy cause.

They both decided to help three-year-old Alfie Cannon, from Frinton, who has leukodystrophy and Max Wildman, aged two, from Kirby Cross, who suffers from cerebral palsy diplegia.

Alfie can not walk or talk, while Max is unable to walk unaided.

Both of the young boys’ families have been fundraising for state-of-the-art equipment, as well as hydrotherapy and physiotherapy.

At the Christmas shopping event in December vendors had donation buckets and those attending were encouraged to give generously.

Now £500 has been raised for the youngsters, which will be split between them.

Alfie’s grandmother Jackie Cannon said: “Any support we get is amazing and £250 is a lot.

“That’s half a month’s worth of physio for Alfie.“I know Sophie and her sister put in a lot of hard work into the late-night shopping event.

“There were donation buckets at each stall and the cash was going into both the boys’ funds.

“This money will no doubt help us.”

The cash will be going towards Alfie’s continued hydrotherapy and physiotherapy, as his treatment will change as he gets older.

“Everyone is so generous,” Jackie added.

“I really feel that everyone in Frinton really got behind it.”

Max’s family will use the cash to provide physiotherapy and contribute to a total of £25,000 to pay for selective dorsal rhizotomy.

Max uses a frame to help him walk and has been fitted for metal rods on his legs to stretch his muscles at night.

The vital surgery could reduce spasticity and improve his walking.

Dad Nick said Sophie and Danielle approached the family about a month before the event asking if they could raise cash for him.

Nick said: “We’ve been only been fundraising for a few months.

“Max is a very lovely, bubbly little boy.

“It’s just now he’s at that age where other children are starting to get up and about and he can’t.

“He just wants to get up and play with the other children.”

Organiser Sophie added: “The late-night shopping event was free, so we thought we’d put some donation buckets out as we thought most people would donate – it’s a nice thing to do.

“Even the younger kids were chucking 50p in the bucket.

“We always look to do things for charity.”

If you would like to donate to Max’s fund, visit and to donate to Alfie, visit