A SHORT film shot at waterworks in Layer de la Haye could end up as a Hollywood epic.

Filmmaking duo The Brothers Lynch used the water treatment centre in the village as a setting for their gritty 15-minute sci-fi film Trial which acts as a teaser for their debut feature film Residual which is in the pipeline for later this year.

The film features Downton Abbey actor Tom Cullen, Game of Thrones star Joseph Mawle and Ana Ularu who is set to play the Wicked Witch of the West in upcoming Wizard of Oz spinoff series Emerald City.

The brothers Keith and David, who live in Burnham, have recently signed with Hollywood agency WME who represent Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhall and Quentin Tarantino.

Keith said the water works had been perfect for their film, despite originally wanting to film at Hanningfield Reservoir, nearer to their home.

He said: “That was our first port of call but when we were there it didn’t work out.

“Layer de la Haye was suggested to us and we went and had a look and it was just incredible for what we needed.

“We wanted somewhere clinical and sterile to film and in the short it is not made explicit where the characters actually are which is something which will become clearer in the feature film.”

Cast and crew were on site for a total of six days, and attention has now been turned to the related longer movie.

Ketih said: “We have been working on the feature film for about eight years, it takes a long time to make this stuff happen.

“The script got a good response both her and in the USA and the short is basically the first 30 minutes of the feature film cut down and condensed into a quarter of an hour.”

Another project the pair have written a $20million action movie set to be filmed this summer at West Ham Football Club’s Upton Park stadium before it is demolished after the club moves to the Olympic Stadium in Stratford.

Keith added: “It was like trying to put together Die Hard in a football stadium.

“We got to go onto the roof and into parts of the stadium nobody else gets to see, it was like being a kid again.”

Trial will be available to view for free at shortoftheweek.com and trialshort.com from Tuesday.