I want to sincerely thank the 64 per cent of voters in Mile End who re-elected me on May 3. I have also been very humbled by all the kind messages and e-mails from local residents following the results.

I was surprised by the comments from Tory group leader Will Quince regarding the excuse for their very poor performance in Colchester, blaming it on “personal attacks”.

Maybe he didn’t see the literature the Conservatives put out in Mile End, with the candidate claiming to be “independent”, which misled people, also saying he wouldn’t be into “punch and judy politics”, but going on to spend the rest of his time berating me very personally in election literature.

As always, the people of Mile End saw straight through this tacky form of campaigning.

The Conservatives in Mile End are clearly a busted flush as their share of the votes went to an alltime low of just 23 per cent.

Martin Goss
Mill Road