I fully agree with the letter from Val Best (February 27) concerning the idea that members of the public could issue dog-fouling tickets in Colchester.

This suggestion, originally made by councillor Will Quince – who incidentally claims to be training to work in the legal profession – is at best naive, as legally under current UK legislation this simply could not be implemented.

I suggested several years ago I would like to see a handful of elected councillors issued with the correct training under delegated powers to be able to issue littering or dog-fouling tickets.

This was, for the right reasons, rejected as unworkable.

So, if elected members cannot take part in such a scheme, members of the public would be even less likely to be able to safely take part.

PCSOs also have to undergo specialist training and accreditation in order to issue such fines, and these folk actually work directly for the police, who are of course paid to uphold law and order.

Council staff also have to undergo the correct training and accreditation before they are allowed to issue fines or warnings.

Fines and warnings are covered by UK law and, as the offenders can end up in court, witness statements and evidence have to be 100 per cent compliant.

Therefore, it is quite obvious members of the public cannot be accredited to undertake such work.

I am all for the Big Society idea in principle, but this is one step too far and not the current vision of the Government.

Martin Goss
Mile End Ward
Dickenson Road