It is quite shocking that, despite reporting the state of various potholes in Mile End to Essex County Council, they remain unfilled.

These include Defoe Crescent, Mile End Road, Turner Road, Bergholt Road and the A134 to Great Horkesley, to name but a few.

Filling a pothole is a basic service, which is funded via our council tax contributions to Essex, which also takes the largest slice of our bill.

I have noticed a serious degradation in this service in the last 12 months, to which I am told it is “trying to make the service more cost-effective and efficient by directing resources in a more controlled manner”.

In other words, it would seem tantamount to doing absolutely nothing, leaving moon craters to appear in our roads while still swiping the same amount of money from our pockets and delivering Third World service levels.

Come on Essex County Council, buck your ideas up, stop swirling bits of paper around and actually fill some potholes properly!

Oh, and also stop giving the cabinet at County Hall massive, inflation-busting allowance increases.

Martin Goss
Borough councillor
Mile End ward
Dickenson Road