It is important residents comment on the proposed plans for North Colchester, particularly the shoddy, incomplete travel document from Essex County Council.

I was shocked at the appalling document submitted by Essex County Council, which forms part of the North Colchester consultation process.

It is vital residents read this document in conjunction with the Colchester blueprint and feed back their thoughts via www. The county council travel strategy document is badly flawed, ill-conceived and incomplete. It only has traffic data for North Colchester up to 2008, before New Braiswick Park was built, housing at Great Horksley commenced and the Northfields development off Turner Road started.

The A12 junction has also opened and the new Northern Approach Road extension will completed in October. The park and ride will also deliver in 2013 and the Severalls housing development has also started.

Without all of this traffic information, it is impossible for Essex to even have a vague idea of what will work in improving transport and the North Station area.

The most shocking inclusion in the document is the proposal to stick a bus exit onto Bergholt Road, which is proposed for a tight muddy footpath near a beauty salon!

It also proposes putting a bus access point from New Braiswick Park into Fernlea, an established development in Braiswick which has remained closed off for 40 years. Has anyone seen how tight the roads are in Fernlea?

Finally, it states it will make it harder to get down Bergholt Road and traffic lights are proposed for the New Braiswick Park entrance. This will screw up travelling from Braiswick, West Bergholt and all other villages on that side of Colchester.

I will be giving my feedback starting now – what Essex has proposed is unworkable and sheer lunacy.

Martin Goss
Dickenson Road