HARBOUR ward will change its name to Old Heath in time for fresh elections in 2014.

In a survey of the ward residents, 77 per cent of those who responded agreed to the name change.

The name change is meant to represent the ancient word for ‘harbour’.

But Liberal Democrat Nick Cope spoke against the proposal, saying that just 18 per cent of residents actually responded to the survey.

“That means the majority of residents, according to the survey, in fact do not want the name of the ward to change.

“Is that really democracy in motion?”

Mr Cope also said in every place in England with ‘heath’ in its name, people would expect to see greenery.

“In the whole of England, Colchester will be the exception to that, there is no heath, there is no greenery,” he added.

But Labour councillor Julie Young said: “They all had a choice, like at any vote.”

Fellow party member Tim Young added: “The bus goes to Old Heath, the ward has Old Heath School so it is only right the ward is called Old Heath.”

The decision, taken by a large majority, was taken at a meeting of full Colchester Council on Wednesday.