A STRING of motorists faced hefty repair bills after falling foul of a pothole in Colchester’s Hythe.

The hole in Haven Road caused burst tyres and dented wheel rims to at least 11 cars in the space of 45 minutes.

The pothole has since been repaired, but drivers have been left out of pocket.

Perrie Angus, 30, of Gorse Lane, Jaywick, needed two new tyres and wheel rims, forcing husband Charlie to miss work the next day to sort out the Fiat Punto, costing more than £1,000.

She said: “I had two tyres go and only had one spare, so I was stranded.

“Fortunately, one of the other drivers lived in Clacton and was able to give me a lift.

“In the 45 minutes I was there, 11 cars stopped, all with their hazards flashing.

“It was my little brother’s 15th birthday and we had been out to the cinema. It ruined a good night out.”

Perrie’s car was also vandalised when she left it in the area overnight.

Sophie Scott had to spend £100 when one tyre burst on her MG convertible after hitting the pothole on her way home to Vicarage Gardens, Clacton, after work.

Sophie, 20, said: “My tyre just popped and I stopped as soon as I could.

“I think I was the second or third person there at that time. No-one could believe it really.

“Everyone was annoyed. We pay road tax, but for what purpose?

“It was very frustrating. I will be contacting Essex County Council to see if I can claim the costs back.”

Dave Harris, a borough councillor in Colchester, said he is worried about the lack of investment in the town’s roads.

He said: “In the past couple of weeks I have surveyed a lot of roads, both primary and secondary, on foot and in the car.

“The ‘gainers’ are the wheel, tyre and suspension repair firms who will do a huge trade as a result of poor roads.

“The serious side is the impact these roads will have on the two-wheeled users. This is a life or death situation for bikers like myself, some of the ruts, dips and potholes are a death trap waiting for the unsuspecting rider.

“As the good weather arrives, cyclists and motorcyclists need to be aware of the dangers and to report any defects they see.”

To report a pothole that needs an emergency repair call Essex County Council on 0845 603 7631. To report non-emergency potholes visit essex.gov.uk