A JOB-SEEKER was shocked to be turned away – because he is a man.

Alex Stewart, 38, jumped at the chance to apply for a job at Clacton’s 99p Store when he saw a sign in the window.

But Mr Stewart, of Bluehouse Avenue, Clacton, said he was told not to bother applying because females were needed to fill vacancies for part-time assistants. He said: “I was on my way home from the Jobcentre when I saw the rare job advert and I decided to go for it.

“I went in optimistically and the cashier called the manager, so I could talk to him about the position.

“When he arrived, I started explaining why I was there.

“But he cut me short and told me the work was only available for girls, as it involved being on a till.

“I understand I may not be as photogenic as the helpful female cashiers who were working there, but I felt disgusted by his attitude.

“I pointed out this was a sexist statement and left the store in shock.’’ Mr Stewart added: “It is not easy for anyone to find work at the moment.

“It is frustrating, but it is even worse to be knocked back from available jobs because I don’t wear a skirt.

“It is not fair to discriminate against people like that, especially when they are trying everything they can to get a job.”

Mr Stewart spotted the “part-time assistants needed’’ sign on Monday afternoon. He has been searching for a job since September, since moving to the area from London.

A store spokesman said: “We are looking into this as a matter of priority. We have a strict equal opportunities employment policy at all our branches. Any manager found to have breached that policy would face severe disciplinary action.”