NORTH Essex MPs have paid tribute to the Queen during a statement in Parliament.

Sir Bob Russell, MP for Colchester, and Witham representative Priti Patel, spoke during a session honouring Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee.

Sir Bob spoke of the three occasions he had met Her Majesty during his life, and paid tribute to the Queen’s charity work.

He also appealed for Colchester to be chosen to win city status as part of the diamond jubilee.

Ms Patel said it was "a great privilege" to support the parliamentary address, and spoke of the atmosphere in Tiptree when the Queen visited the Wilkin and Son jam factory in October 2010 .

She said: "The air of excitement and anticipation was immense. That seems unimaginable in today’s era of short-term celebrity culture, but businessmen, schoolchildren and pensioners were all enthused and excited about her presence."