THE opening of a new supermarket has made a junction dangerously busy, according to residents.

People living in Ransom Road, Tiptree, say they take their lives into their hands when they cross the road.

They claim the situation has got worse since Asda opened in Church Road in November, replacing the Co-op.

Emma Day, 34, said she recently had a near-miss when crossing the road with her son Nathaniel, four.

She said: “Somebody stopped to let us cross the junction.

“We went to cross, looked both ways, and somebody came from behind the car that had stopped and me and my son were in the middle of the road.

“The car just shot up Ransom Road. I came home and I was just fuming.”

Mrs Day, who is lobbying for changes with husband Lee, 40, added: “It scares me and if no-one speaks up, nothing will get done.”

Two options, costing an estimated £24,000, have been proposed – either adding two footpaths near the junction or banning vehicles from entering Church Road.

David Cookson, of Ransom Road, said the road had got gradually busier since the Co-op opened 18 years ago and problems had increased since Asda replaced it.

Witham MP Priti Patel, who represents Tiptree, backed calls for change.

She said: “This is clearly a highly dangerous road with a large volume of traffic passing through it.

“I believe road safety and, moreover, pedestrian safety, must be of paramount concern for Essex County Council. I will continue to press it on this important issue.”

Colchester Council’s highways panel has asked Essex County Council officers to look again at the project’s priority.

Tracey Chapman, county councillor responsible for highways, said: “We are aware of the scheme. It is on a list for future funding, but it does need further investigation.”