A LAW company has launched an application about getting divorced.

The Smart Divorce application, for iPhones and iPads, costs £4.99 and gives answers to frequently asked questions about the legal matters involved in a marriage break-up.

It has been developed by solicitors Armstrong Family Law, in The Crescent, at Colchester Business Park.

Jon Armstrong, family law specialist, said: “Anyone facing divorce or separation can get lots of conflicting advice from well-meaning friends or the internet. But it’s often misleading or just the wrong information for their circumstances. This application is a very cost-effective means of accessing basic, but sound, legal information, literally at the client’s fingertips.

“It can be accessed quickly and privately by busy people who are on the move and might not have the time initially to sit down with a legal advisor, or simply for those who are considering divorce, but can’t afford, or aren’t quite ready, to seek face-to-face advice.”

Issues such as financial and property claims and having to go to court are addressed, as well as information about alternative ways to resolve a dispute, including mediation. There is also an outline of divorce proceedings, as well as details about the costs.