COUNCILLORS have taken matters into their own hands in Colchester after claiming calls for a dog mess crackdown were ignored for three years.

Prettygate councillors Sue Lissimore and Beverly Davies have repeatedly appealed for dog-fouling signs to be put up.

But they say their pleas to Colchester Council have fallen on deaf ears.

Mrs Lissimore said the council had claimed the signs were too expensive, or out of stock.

It had also passed responsibility between departments, causing confusion over who was in charge of the signs, she added.

So the councillors have started putting up their own signs, warning dog walkers to clear up after their pets or face a fine.

Mrs Lissimore claims she has seen a box full of signs in council storage and wants an explanation as to why they have not been distributed.

She said: “They have a box of these signs, but they are not handing them out. They have never given us a clear explanation why.

“We have been asking for signs in Prettygate for three years. We have a problem with dog mess all over Colchester and this is about warning people they could be fined if they don’t clear it up.”

The councillors have also been documenting dog mess incidents and passing information on to patrolling PCSOs.

Mrs Lissimore added: “The guilty parties walk their dogs really early in the morning, or late at night, and you wake up to the mess.”

Matthew Young, Colchester Council’s head of street services, said: “The council’s new zone teams are working with residents, councillors and groups in their local communities to address priority issues.

“Responding to requests, several signs are due to be installed in the Prettygate area over the coming months.”