SAFETY concerns have been raised over plans for antennas at Colchester General Hospital.

Skyline Networks has applied to Colchester Council for permission to put up four antennas to boost broadband signals.

The structures, two of 45m, one of 40m and another of 25m, would supply internet services to businesses at Severalls Park and the Teys.

But Myland councillor Martin Goss has launched a formal objection.

He said he was concerned about proximity to schools and was not convinced by safety reports which say the antennas do not omit dangerous levels of electro-magnetism.

He said: “I am concerned about adding more mobile equipment to the site at the hospital, despite what a safety report stated.

“The site is close to Queen Boudica and Myland schools.

“There are lots of patients and staff of all ages and backgrounds at the hospital.

“The area chosen is densely populated and is set to become even more so. Unless it can be proved beyond reasonable doubt this won’t harm humans, I object.”

Mr Goss said he accepted signal levels could be low in the area.

The application includes a safety document outlining Skyline’s policy on limiting human exposure to electro-magnetic fields.

It concludes the antennas meet continuous exposure limits when tested from 18cms away.

Operations manager Paul Keen said: “We have been approached by local businesses struggling with broadband.

“They can’t get the upload speeds we offer and could be lost from the area.

“People hear we plan to put up antennas and we get lumped in with mobile companies and people get concerned.

“Mr Goss doesn’t seem to understand what we are offering. Our antennas don’t give off anywhere near as much as ones already operating.”

Skyline, based in Epping, said it had already identified several clients who would take the service.

It also hoped to provide businesses in Tendring by bouncing the signal to customers.