A MUM whose baby girl was scarred after being scalded by coffee is backing a new awareness campaign.

Faye Holdsworth, 36, of Sutton Park Avenue, Colchester, endured a mother’s worst nightmare when a tray of drinks toppled and spilt on to Georgia-May Motarski.

Georgia-May, six months old at the time, has been left scarred.

She has had skin grafts on her thigh at Broomfield Hospital, in Chelmsford, and has to wear silicon dressings on injuries to her arms, legs and chest.

Miss Holdsworth is championing the “Not Kool” campaign run by Colchester-based safety information charity, Prevention Town.

She hopes the hard-hitting awareness drive, using images of scalded children, will make parents think twice before handling hot drinks alongside their children.

Miss Holdsworth said: “I hope the campaign reaches lots of people.

“I would urge parents to think all the time about the dangers of hot drinks. Be aware and keep toys out of the kitchen. Now when I see mums handling coffees and their babies, I feel physically sick.”

Georgia-May, now 21 months, suffered 17.5 per cent burns.

More skin grafts will be required throughout her growth, as scar tissue does not stretch in the usual way.

Prevention Town founder Ross Carroll said: “The attitude is: ‘It won’t happen to me or my child’.

“Unfortunately, it does. This is a caring mum offering a reality check to help people understand our message.”

Prevention Town creates health and safety animations featuring the Kools Family characters.

The animations are used in schools, universities and hospital wards.

The organisation also runs a children’s goods charity shop in Crouch Street, Colchester.

Miss Holdsworth’s other child, Sebastian Motarski, seven, emerged as a hero during the incident in August last year.

While his mother ran into the hospital ward with his sister, he calmly recited his address and mother’s mobile number from memory to help hospital staff.

His mum said: “Sebastian is very cautious around his sister now. He says he will stick up for her if anyone makes fun of her scars.”

The incident happened at a restaurant at Cambridge’s Addenbrooke’s Hospital.